Terrorizer, Amorphis, Asphyx, Atrocity, Autopsy, Baphomet, Benediction,

Blind Guardian, Blood Bath, Brocken Hope, Brutality, Brutal Truth, Bolt Thrower,

 Cancer, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Castigate, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Cemetary

Daargesin, Deicide, Devilyn, Disastrous Murmur, Dismember, Dark Millennium, Entombed,

 Exhorder, Fleshcrawl, Fleshold, Gomorrah, Gorefest, Grave, Hate Squad, Hypocrisy,

Holy Moses,Incubator, Incubus, Kreator, Krabator, Kryptopsy, Lake of Tears, Lawnmower Deth

Mangled Torsos, Massacra, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Morgoth, Mortician, Mortification,

Napalm Death, Nailbomb, Obituary, Opprobrium, Opressor, Pantera, Paradise Lost, Pestilence, Protector,

Pungent Stench, Sepultura, Sinister, Sodom, Terrorizzer, The Gathering, Tiamat, Torchure, Totenmond,

Unleashed, Vader, Vital Remains, Warlord